• Seasonal Groceries List: Spring (Free Printable)

    SUPERMARKETS offer so many fruits and veggies all year round, but there is nothing that will make you feel as good as buying seasonal. SEASONAL IS… BUDGET FRIENDLY. Cheap is in season, and in season is cheap. Use this wonderful economic advantage. LOW IN CALORIES. Chips is not seasonal, mayonnaise is not seasonal. Blueberries, pumpkin, zucchini and swede are. DELICIOUS. Stuck eating pasta pesto all year round? Who wants that? Mix up local, seasonal ingredients to discover new flavors. FRESH & JUICY. Let’s face it: fresh tastes better! GOOD FOR YOUR FACE. Beta-carotenes from fresh green, orange and red fruits & veggies will give your face a healthy glow. STABILISING…

  • Jaime Oliver 45 second ice cream healthy recipe with yoghurt, strawberry and mint Ana's Bananas Blog

    Jaime OliverĀ“s 45-second Ice Cream

    A QUICK POST ON A WARM SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Craving ice cream? Me too. Here’s a healthy version, and easy too. Jaime Oliver’s 45-second ice cream with yogurt and fruits. This is ice cream made healthy. Low in sugar, high in fiber and (feel free to use delicious full fat yoghurt, it’s good for you) rich in healthy fats.

  • The healthier pizza: ‘Flammkuchen’

    Pizza, make room. German Flammkuchen coming through. Well, German-French, from the region of Alsace. Flammkuchen is a dish that resembles a pizza, tastes amazing but packs way fewer calories and much less dairy. It is dough topped with sour cream or yoghurt, onion and bacon, and sometimes a variety of other toppings, such as corn, spinach or peppers. Still, even in its simplest form it tastes equally good. The name comes from the way it’s made: in a fireplace. Flammkuchen literally means ‘flame cake’. Luckily, it can also be made in an oven! Here’s how to make your own: Flammkuchen Recipe Ingredients for 2. Prep time: 30 minutes. Pastry: store…