• Feeling stressed? Eat this!

    “A nutrient-dense diet may help amp down stress” – writes a blogger at National Public Radio today, in collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health, and I am loving what I am reading. Feeling stressed and need to eat to feel better? No problem! Just, instead turning to unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, turn to these amazing foods to help ease your stress: 1. Eggs 2. Dark, leafy greens 3. Pumpkin seeds 4. Fish rich in omega-3 5. Flax seeds 6. Dark chocolate The article is called Food-Mood Connection: how you can amp up or tamp down stress, you can find it on the NPR website.

  • Best Ways to Stop Using Chocolate for Solving All Your Problems

    THIS IS A POST FOR ALL EMOTIONAL EATERS, chocoholic and non-chocoholics alike. If you, in times of sorrow, feel like the only thing to do is drown in chocolate (or ice cream, or bacon), you should know that I used to feel the same way. BUT, I WANTED A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE WAY TO DEAL WITH MY MOOD. Although chocolate does help (as of course ice cream and bacon do too), I’ve realised that I no longer wanted to be someone who relies on food for fixing emotions. That is why I looked up all sorts of ways to stop using chocolate for solving all my problems. I was surprised to…