• Travel report: green Croatian countryside

    MY LAST VACATION WAS GREEN, SUNNY & DELICIOUS, in the lovely mountains of Croatia. COUNTRYSIDE ALWAYS SURPRISES ME BY HOW SELF-SUSTAINING IT IS. You would think a city is developed, but then you realize that villages and countryside are really the main sources of food and that cities (and their supermarkets) would be nothing without them. IS IT STRANGE THAT THE FIRST THING THAT FLEW INTO MY MIND just now is: how did they have food on Star Fleet – I mean they didn’t have a meadow or anything on board? Although I do remember an episode where there were some Star Fleet staff in a sort of garden room,…

  • Spanish Sunday: Gazpacho & Paella // Photo Report

    !HOLA GUAPOS Y GUAPAS! Here’s some inspiration from my family’s lovely Spanish style Sunday supper. For pretty pictures of gazpacho and paella, you’ve come to the right place. Feast your eyes and be inspired! GAZPACHO SPANISH STYLE TOMATO SOUP – SERVED COLD PAELLA SPANISH STYLE RICE, CHICKEN AND FRUITS DE MER DISH COOKED IN A TRADITIONAL PAELLA PAN Have your own healthy summer recipe? You can submit your own recipe here.

  • herbs and spices kitchen organisation DIY

    Herbs & Spices Storage DIY

    Our kitchen drawers have been suffering from my increased interest in flavors, gluhwein, herbs and spices. They have been getting more and more (over) stuffed with various glass containers, metal cans and plastic bags of packaged seeds and aromatic spices, and of course: all the powdery, sticky mess that comes with it. Fortunately, I came across a Belgian blog with an excellent DIY tip for organising spices – and immediately applied it myself. If you want to organise your herbs and spices you can do the same! You will need: washi tape pen or marker glass jam or spice containers: sealable (choose size, amount and form that will fit nicely…