• Jaime Oliver 45 second ice cream healthy recipe with yoghurt, strawberry and mint Ana's Bananas Blog

    Jaime OliverĀ“s 45-second Ice Cream

    A QUICK POST ON A WARM SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Craving ice cream? Me too. Here’s a healthy version, and easy too. Jaime Oliver’s 45-second ice cream with yogurt and fruits. This is ice cream made healthy. Low in sugar, high in fiber and (feel free to use delicious full fat yoghurt, it’s good for you) rich in healthy fats.

  • raw milk documentary

    Is raw milk and dairy good for you?

    WEEKENDS ARE GREAT FOR watching inspiring documentaries and fun day trips. Last weekend I watched a documenary called “Milk?” . The documentary “Milk?” discusses whether milk is good or bad for human health. It was interesting to watch and especially inspired me to look for the label “raw” on the next organic dairy product I would buy. I ONLY CONSUME ORGANIC DAIRY PRODUCTS because of the poor way in which animals producing non-organic dairy are treated. Still, the concept of raw milk was new to me. Perhaps I just never thought about how many steps milk goes through from being collected to standing on a store shelf. What is raw…

  • Healthy Ice Cream Sundae// Tasty DIY

    THE OTHER DAY, friends of mine organised a great Thanksgiving/Hannukah dinner. For dessert, they made ice cream sundaes by combining vanilla ice cream with home made cookie crumble, molten after eight chocolate sauce, raspberries in sugar sauce and coffee flavored chocolate sprinkles on top. IT WAS DELICIOUS, BUT I HAVE NOT HAD THAT MUCH SUGAR in one go in weeks! Obviously, I immediately sneakily helped myself to three servings (because let’s face the uncomfortable truth – sugar is delicious :'( ). But then later, I got to thinking. Since this ice cream sundae tasted so good – would it be possible to make a healthy version of it (and still…