• Fennel, Zucchini and Green Pea Soup

    INSPIRED BY A RECIPE FROM the Veg cookbook, I bring you a very green, delicious soup that you can enjoy all summer long! It’s quick to prepare and the aroma that will fill your kitchen while making it will awaken anyone’s appetite! (Even my little brother’s, although he’s actually totally not into veggies, he actually does totally dig this soup! 😮 🙂 … of course, because it is an awesome soup!) Fennel, Zucchini and Green Pea Soup Serves 6. Prep time: 30 minutes from start to finish. Fennel, 1 large knob Celery, 2 stalks Spring onions, a bunch of 6 (or 4 if they are quite large) Zucchini, 2 small…

  • Feeling stressed? Eat this!

    “A nutrient-dense diet may help amp down stress” – writes a blogger at National Public Radio today, in collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health, and I am loving what I am reading. Feeling stressed and need to eat to feel better? No problem! Just, instead turning to unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, turn to these amazing foods to help ease your stress: 1. Eggs 2. Dark, leafy greens 3. Pumpkin seeds 4. Fish rich in omega-3 5. Flax seeds 6. Dark chocolate The article is called Food-Mood Connection: how you can amp up or tamp down stress, you can find it on the NPR website.