The healthier pizza: ‘Flammkuchen’

Pizza, make room. German Flammkuchen coming through. Well, German-French, from the region of Alsace. Flammkuchen is a dish that resembles a pizza, tastes amazing but packs way fewer calories and much less dairy. It is dough topped with sour cream or yoghurt, onion and bacon, and sometimes a variety of other toppings, such as corn, spinach or peppers. Still, even in its simplest form it tastes equally good. The name comes from the way it’s made: in a fireplace. Flammkuchen literally means ‘flame cake’. Luckily, it can also be made in an oven! Here’s how to make your own:

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Flammkuchen Recipe

Ingredients for 2. Prep time: 30 minutes.

Pastry: store bought puff pastry, or make your own by kneading 250g self-rising bread flour with approximately 180 ml lukewarm water and a tablespoon of olive oil until you’ve got smooth dough
Parchment paper
Yoghurt or sour cream: 50ml, organic
Bacon or pancetta: in strips, organic, 100g or more depending on how much you love them
Onion: 1 large one, white or red, finely sliced
Pepper & possibly other herbs of your choice
Optional extra toppings: corn, spinach (blanched) or peppers (diced).

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Spread out the dough on parchment paper and a large flat oven dish. Top the dough with yoghurt or sour cream using the back of a spoon. Next, sprinkle all over with bacon or pancetta strips and all your other favourite toppings, the pepper and other herbs. Place in the oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes until the edges of the pastry have browned and the toppings get a golden glow. Your flammkuchen is done when the dough is done (no eating of soggy flammkuchen allowed!).

Serve with a green salad of your choice on the side and enjoy. I recommend a fresh green salad with tomatoes, sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar.

2014-07-26 15.58.02
Basic flammkuchen: dough, yoghurt, bacon. Creamy and salty. Mmm.

Benefits of this meal:

<3 Relatively low on dairy
<3 Relatively low on calories
<3 Onion has been shown to help against osteoporosis
<3 Side salad with fresh veggies = explosion of vitamins and fibre!