Tasty tacos with veggies, feta and minced beef

Tacos can be as nutritious or as bad for you as you make them. Personally, I think that just because something is ‘bad for you’ in its original form doesn’t mean you have to stop loving it all together – it just means you can find a healthier alternative and still enjoy! These tasty tacos are perfect for a casual dinner with friends or a fun family meal (with kids), and they are also super healthy. P.s. you could also make this recipe using tortilla wraps but, unless you are making your own tortilla wraps, opt for taco shells because store bought tortilla wraps are full of conservatives, artificial flavors and sometimes even colors. Store bough tacos usually only contain corn flour, water and salt.

Use organic ingredients where possible, but in any case try to get organic beef!

This meal is perfect for variations – you can use chicken, turkey, cucumber, Romaine lettuce, hummus, sweet potato etc.

Recipe for 2

Onion, 1, diced
Garlic, 2 cloves, finely minced
Organic minced beef, 200g
Red chili pepper, 1/2 (optional)
Corn, jarred, rinsed, drained, 100g
Kidney beans, jarred, rinsed, drained, 150g
Fresh spinach leaves, washed, 100g
Avocado, 1, ripe, cut into slices
Tomatoes, 2, washed and diced
Feta cheese, preferably organic, 80g, diced

Taco shells, 6-8 pieces
Optional: sour cream

1. Heat up the oven and warm up the taco shells according to instruction on the pack (usually 15 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius)

2. Fry the beef in a pan (without oil) for about 5 minutes on medium heat, then add the onion (and chilli pepper if you enjoy spicy) and continue frying until all the meat has turned brown.

3. Add garlic, corn and kidney beans, stir through and continue heating until everything has warmed up.

Serve along side a bowl of spinach, a bowl of tomato, a bowl of avocado and a bowl of cheese. Mix up your favorite ingredients in your taco shell and enjoy!