Oatmeal with honey & coconut

Here’s a recipe for a basic creamy yet dairy-free oatmeal breakfast. I’ll let you in a little secret for making the best of it, and it won’t take long at all! If you didn’t know, good quality oatmeal is gluten free, so look up for the right producers when buying yours. Amisa is a good oatmeal brand, for example.

Serves 1. Preparation time: 10 minutes (during which you can do whatever else you have to do to get ready in the morning ;)).

Oatmeal, 5tbsp
Honey, 1tbsp
Coconut oil, 1 tbsp
Boiling water, 200ml

Put the oatmeal in a breakfast bowl and immerse in boiling water (so a small layer of water sticks out) and cover for 10 minutes. Add a spoonful of organic honey and cold pressed organic coconut oil and stir them through. Now your oatmeal is done!


Oatmeal with honey and coconut oil is one of the healthies breakfasts you can imagine, and will keep you full and energetic for hours. Look up other oatmeal recipes in the Breakfast section for many more creative and satisfying variations!

Benefits of Oatmeal with honey and coconut oil

<3 Honey and coconut oil will boost your immunity and lower inflammation (and chronic inflammation seems to be one of the biggest problem makers in our bodies, contributing to development of arthritis, Alzheimer’s dementia and diabetes type 2).

<3 If you suffer from low energy or acne, you could see a big improvement after consuming this breakfast regularly, due to its effect on stabilising blood sugar levels and fighting infections.