Banana Mash with Mascarpone Cheese

IT SOUNDS TOO SIMPLE TO BE TRUE, but true it is none the less.

Once you make it you will be convinced how awesome it is and you’ll want to make it more often! One of the reasons why people love dairy and puddings so much is the amazing smooth consistency. But, in this case, the dairy can easily be replaced with delicious fruit! The only down side is the not-so-fancy presentation of this dessert (it just looks like a mashed banana) – so I would not advise making it for a fancy dinner but rather for yourself and a few friends or kids when you are lounging on the couch and are in need of a sweet & tasty snack!

Mascarpone & banana pudding

Serves 1. Prep time: 3 minutes.

Banana, 1, the riper the sweeter
Mascarpone cheese, 1 dollop

Place the banana in a bowl and then mash it up using a fork until it is creamy. Add the dollop of mascarpone and blend well. Your dessert is now done! It can stand for an hour outside the fridge or 2-3 hours inside the fridge before serving.