Healthy Groceries List (Free Printable)

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IT’S JULY, SUMMER TIME, AND I DEFINITELY DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING A LOT OF COOKING. Especially on days it’s really hot, I hardly even feel like going out of the house, again, into the heat of the streets just to get to a crowded supermarket and get all sweaty, again. But, I found it helps me to have a few delightful healthy summer recipes at hand. Something that is easy to make, super-low-effort, I-could-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed kind of thing, but full of flavor of course. It’s also not bad to, when I have a plan of summer meals, also get all those groceries in the same run. The the rest of my week can then be food-stress free.

(FOOD-STRESS MIGHT BE AN UNFAMILIAR CONCEPT TO SOME, because usually eating food is awesome and definitely more indulging than stressful, but most foodies out there will know – eating pure & healthy takes a lot of time and effort, and sometime you just ain’t got the time!)

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Table of Contents


THE FOODS I BOUGHT ARE ingredients for the following tasty recipes:

– Quinoa salad with smoked forel (oops, recipe coming soon!)

Easy, healthy wraps (prep time 15 minutes)

Tuscan Bean & Tuna Salad (prep time 10 minutes)

Avocado & Egg bread spread (prep time 5 minutes)

OLIVE OIL, SALT AND PEPPER, WHOLEGRAIN BREAD OR CRACKERS, and some herbs and spices, are things I assume most people have at home, so these are not included on the list. Other than that, the ingredients needed for the above recipes are:

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Based on meals for 2

– Organic minced beef (optional)
– Jarred corn, 1 jar
– Wholegrain tortillas
– Broccoli, 1
– Beans, Cannelini and brown beans are my favorites (but you can use any you want), 800g
– Lemon, 1
– Canned tuna, line-caught, 150-200g
– Red onion, 1
– Ripe avocados
– Eggs
– Small root of ginger
– Quinoa, white and/or red
– Smoked forel, wild or organic
– Rocket salad, 100g
– Bell peppers, 2
– For breakfast, two types of cereals, which I will later on write a review about: muesli with nuts and buckwheat flakes (+ milk of your choice, I use a lot of almond milk)
– Delicious summer fruits for my 2-a-day: deliciously ripe nectarines, blueberries, blackberries and bananas, for a very tasty week 🙂
– Almonds, cashews or walnuts for occassional snacking (handful a day!)

Anas Bananas week healthy groceries list printable

Free week’s healthy groceries printable here (pdf)!

WHATEVER YOU HAVE LEFT OVER (beans, corn, tortillas, rocket, quinoa, bell peppers, steamed broccoli) you can mix up in one big tasty salad (just add olive oil and good quality balsamico) or a tasty wrap as a lazy end of the week lunch/dinner.


  • Seema

    Wow! It is really a healthy grocery list, I was thinking to plan up the groceries for the coming week and today I just got this list. between I also have had a look on your YouTube channel video of summer groceries listing healthy vegetables and fruit with ways to prepare them. That also helped me out.
    Between, Why you stop Making More videos, ? Do it Ana 🙂

  • ana's bananas

    Hi Seema! It’s great to hear this grocery list was helpful to you (indeed, it is prettttty healthy ;)). And about the videos, you are right – I should make more of them! I will! I must! Will let you know when the next one is posted 🙂 Enjoy your delicious groceries, greetings from Ana!