Have a look into my fridge! LIKE ON MTV CRIBS

AHHH, WHAT A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! I feel like I am on MTV cribs. Except most people on that show have nothing in their fridge. So here I go with what I do have in mine, from top to bottom:

3 bottles of Chrystal | Haha, nah just kidding.
Green beans
| Steamed, cooked or fried. Can be eaten as a simple (and cheap) healthy side-dish, or in a stir-fry or risotto dish. Always handy to have!
Cucumber | Veggies are even more important for your health than fruits. Cucumber is healthy, cheap and versatile. It is great when sliced on sandwiches, in sticks with hummus (chickpea & sesame oil dip), or in this delicious stir-fry.
Eggs (organic) | You can boil eggs and keep them in a fridge for 2-3 days, so they are easy to prepare in advance (just make sure to distinguish well between boiled and raw ones ;)). Eggs are great for making omelettes, for mushing them up with avocado, or simply for having one boiled and served with some bread and cheese, mnjam!
Cheese | If organic, cheese can bring many beneficial nutrients to your body, but if not organic it also contains antibiotics, hormones and even artificial colours so watch out with that. You can read the label on your cheese to know what you are buying and eating. Finding a local organic dairy farm is definitely something to consider!
Smoked ham | Works great in this recipe.
Pumpkin seed & cheese bake-off buns | Yummy for lazy breakfasts and happy brunches. Pumpkin seeds are a great addition because of their high zinc content!
Apple compote | Great healthier substitute for when you are craving pudding, or to make apfelstrudel with!
Pears, strawberries and papaya | Try to get locally grown and organic fruits, but if this doesn’t work of course regular fruit from the supermarket is still much better than prepackaged sweets. Fresh fruits are delicious, refreshing and supply your body with important nutrients! I especially love papaya in my oatmeal and strawberries with my yoghurt! Pears can work great in a savoury dish with lamb, for example (yum!).
Turmeric root | This petite orange root still has my fingers stained yellow from chopping it yesterday, but the cancer-preventing and diabetes neutralising health benefits of it are totally worth it. Using fresh turmeric root will bring you more benefits than using it powdered. Fresh finely chopped turmeric root works great in any dish with beef!
Mushrooms | Great for an oven bake, a risotto or with some minced beef and tomatoes to make a great pasta or lasagna sauce.
Fresh garlic | A fresh version of the usually available dried cloves, it is a much more potent powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing ingredients and will keep you flu-free throughout autumn! Keep it in the fridge because it easily dries out.
Mayonnaise | It would probably be healthier to make it ourselves, but a person has only so many hours in one 24-hour day. So, store-bought mayo, mnjam!
Organic full-fat yoghurt | Tasty! If you didn’t know it already, organic full-fat yoghurt tastes one million times better than non-organic low-fat yoghurt.
Coconut oil | For in my oatmeal, for baking desserts, or for one spoonful per day in flu-season or when I am feeling overworked to keep my immune system at its strongest. A little goes a long way when it comes to coconut oil!
Various sauces | To spice up any of our dishes!
Organic fresh oranges | Orange juice makes a  perfect morning refreshment after breakfast (not before) or a great juice when mixed with other fruits (strawberries, frozen blueberries) or veggies (carrots work well!)
Red cabbage & avocado | For this interesting recipe and of course, extra avocado in the winter to keep my skin hydrated and healthy in harsh weather conditions.
Cauliflower | Well, not on the picture anymore since we ate it last night. Steamed for 20 minutes it made a perfect side dish to our minced beef filled paprikas with mushrooms (recipe coming soon!).

I enjoy cooking, but even if you don’t, as I mentioned, having fresh ingredients for easy, healthy meals makes all the difference!


Opinions and endorsements are my own and 100% genuine.
All the images are from my private collection so please ask permission if you wish to use them.


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