Freshly squeezed orange juice // Vit C + Fibre

Squeeze two or three oranges to get an 8 ounce (250 ml) glassfull of orange juice and you will be taking in your daily dose of the crucial anti-oxidant that your body needs daily: vitamin C.

However, eat something before drinking the orange juice because its acidity can harm the lining of an empty stomach (which can lead to acid reflux, ulcerations and infection).

Also, bear in mind that orange juice has a higer glycemic index (relatively more sugar) than a whole orange. This is because orange juice has much less fibre than a whole orange, by juicing the orange you get rid of most of the fibres. Orange juice has little fibre, and hence quite a high glycemic index. Out body can handle a glass of orange juice every other day, but more than that is too much sugar in one go! Opt for eating a whole orange instead if you’re really craving the vit. C 🙂 , to make sure there is a balance between natural fruit sugars and fibers.