Choose wholegrain snack or nut bar, ban the cookies.

Choose for a good quality nut bar (the poor quality nut bar often contains too much sugar) or a wholegrain snack with raisins or apple (wholegrain is the important part here since it will contain much less sugar and much more fiber, which is good). If you’re really in the mood for something sweet, choose a chocolate with minimum 60% cocoa, with additions such as almond or orange.

Just one extra cookie per day equals gaining 3 kilos per six months (5 kilos per half a year if you eat the ones with chocolate). A plain cookie has at least 60 calories and this number can reach over 90 in chocolate cookies. It takes 20 minutes on a cross-trainer to work that one cookie off. Think: is it cookies that are screwing you over all along? To make your weight-watching succesful, ban them out of your diet.

Upon being unable to resist the cookie temptation, get down to some house cleaning, groom a horse or mow the lawn, these are highly calorie burning activities for half an hour (and here’s a whole huge list you might enjoy)!

Good luck!


  • Ingrid Tieken

    My recipe book for muffins (“1 batter, 100 muffins”) has a “healthy” section, with quite a few recipes for wholegrain muffins. Some include wheatgerm as well, which is supposed to be good for you too (though I can’t remember what it is gooed for).

  • Grasje

    Nice read! I started a month ago with one candy day a week instead of eating chocolate and cookies every day *blush*. So now I’m looking forward to that one day where I bake myself a delicious something and I lost 1.5 kg already! Looking forward to see more recipe’s appearing!