Oatmeal: breakfast for dieting and against heart disease


Here’s a recipe for a delicious, crunchy, sweet breakfast that you can enjoy every day to take good care of yourself!

Certified oatmeal will contain just oatmeal. It will be one of the cheapest ‘cereals’ on the shelf. You are supposed to prepare it by immersing it in boiling (almond) milk or water for 10 minutes, covered. In this way, nutrients from oatmeal can be better absorbed by your body. I prepare it with almond milk because I like the flavor; you can prepare it with water for even less calories.

Add a spoonfull of crushed flax seed (nutrients from crushed flax seed are much better absorbed by your body than from whole flux seed) to the oatmeal when it’s cooked. Peel a banana and use the same spoon to slice off pieces of the banana into your oatmeal. Use a small or medium size banana, because a whole big one might be a bit much (unless you are a true banana lover). For more tips on great additions to your morning cereal, click here.