4 Excellent Talks and Films about Nutrition You Should Watch


HERE ARE FOUR VIDEOS (3 short and 1 long) I would like to share with you, for a rainy day or simply a break from your work, to enjoy and think back to how great it is to learn about healthy food.

1. Jaime Oliver’s Ted Talk on School Canteens

NOT THAT I’M A RELIGIOUS FAN of Jamie Oliver in general, but that man has put quite some effort into raising awareness about food, not only in the general public through his TV shows, but also in schools by infiltrating the schools’ kitchen system and improving the nutrition of children everywhere. In his Ted Talk, he finds a great way of presenting facts about food in a passionate way. Watch it and you will feel inspired!

2. Documentary “Food, Inc.”

A FOOD DOCUMENTARY WORTH WATCHING: “Food, Inc.”. This inspiring story will shed a new light onto the way you look at the supermarket shelves.  Whether you want to show off to your friends with interesting facts about the food industry or want to gain a profound understanding of how the food business became the shitty scheme it is today, watch this documentary. Added bonus: no gross footage, yes lots of beautiful scenery, yes great story telling by very interesting individuals.

3. Ted Talk by Ann Cooper

THIS TED TALK BY Ann Cooper’s makes a great addition to the “Food, Inc.” documentary. The TED talk is about food and children.

ALL THREE DOCUMENTARIES will help you learn how the food you buy every week gets to the supermarket, and why some of it, because of the way it is produced, can make us sick. All of these videos will give you hope and inspiration if you, just like me, are trying to make this world a better place one step at a time through healthy food, starting with your own eating habbits.

4. Short infomercial: Scarecrow

IF YOU’VE NO TIME TO WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS, watch this Scarecrow infomercial – it gives an absolutely flawless 3 minute summary of it all. Enjoy!


EXTRA CLIP JUST FOR FUN: If even bugs don’t wanna eat it, why would you?!


P.s. these clips and documentaries portrait quite a charged picture of the food industry. Of course, some people (maybe thanks to their genes) will stay healthy no matter what they eat! But, for those people who know that food plays a big role in their health, I hope the films and talks above inspire you and give you energy to eat healthy even when it gets tough.