Health is something we all find important – but with so many different messages about what is or isn’t healthy, it can be difficult to distinguish the good advice from the bad.

Hence these workshops! We’ll talk about what is healthy and why – and according to whom?

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Table of Contents

Healthier Life Habits

Daily meditation? A green juice each morning? A 7-second hug from a friend? Which healthy habits do you need in your life?

This is a fun workshop with a highly personalized approach. We explore various ways of living healthy. Each participant identifies their own wanna-have habits that would contribute the most to living a healthier life.

What is actually healthy?

Meat or vegetarian? Margarine or butter? Cola zero or apple juice? How do you know what is actually healthy? Do you get annoyed at opposing information? Then this workshop is for you!

Learn how to bust myths and discover how to make your own decisions about what is healthy. In this workshop, we go through various examples of healthy foods and why they are called healthy. You learn to look at statements like “healthy” in a whole new way, and bust myths like a pro!

It’s not you, it’s your environment

Do you try to eat healthily, but find yourself eating junk food over and over again? Do you try to get more exercise, but can’t find the time? Do you manage to lose weight, only to never be able to keep it off? Maybe it’s not you – maybe it’s your environment!

In this workshop, we explore the impact of your environment on your habits and health. You will learn to recognise unhealthy environments and think about how they impact your life. After the workshop, you will never look at a pair of stairs the same again!


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