Mashed potatoes with endive and organic bacon

Another typically Dutch dish, this time with all the amazing benefits of endive lettuce (also called escarole). Endive is slightly bitter, which gives this dish a great bite. When it comes to health benefits, endive contains phytonutrients, fiber and vitamins (including the super cancer-preventing folate) which are all essential for proper functioning of the body. So, do yourself a favour and have this meal!

Recipe for 2

150g bacon cubes
2 medium onions, diced
1kg potatoes (organic, no need to peel)
20ml milk (I like organic goat milk)
50g grass-fed butter
1 whole endive lettuce
Pepper to taste (bacon itself contributes the salt)

Cut the potatoes in small pieces (so they cook faster) and put in a bowl. Cover them with water. Heat. Once water boils, the potatoes will need about another 20 minutes to be fully cooked. In the meanwhile, remove the outer leaves of the endive (throw them away) and wash the remaining leaves, then cut the endive in stripes. Place in a big bowl (where you will add the potatoes and bacon later). Now it’s time to prepare the bacon. Throw the bacon on a heated pan together with onion (bacon will release fatty juices in which the onion can cook nicely). The bacon will be done in about 5 minutes of heating (stir it occasionally). When the potatoes are cooked, drain them of water and then add the milk and the butter and mash. Now add the potatoes and bacon (and onion) to the bowl with endive. Mix up and you have your delicious meal! P.s. any left over juices in the pan where you fried the bacon and onion make for a great sauce to pour over the mash!

mashed potatoes with endive