Green tea

Drinking proper green tea is probably one of the easiest ways to consume anti-oxidants, slow down ageing, calm down your body and even help prevent cancer. Let this post drive you to the world of Japanese green tea, where tea cereomy is a ritual and an unfortgettable part of everyday life.

How to drink green tea like a Japanese

If there is only one kind of tea that you bother to get from a proper tea shop instead of your local supermarket, green tea should be the one that is worth your effort! This way instead of pre-packaged tea bags, you can buy proper green tea leaves. You will need a tea sieve (like in picture below) to soak these leaves in your tea water. Most tea shops sell tea sieves.

How to prepare your green tea? You’ll need water that’s boiled and cooled down a bit, proper green tea leaves, a tea sieve and a mug. Green tea leaves are not supposed to touch water that is over 70 degrees Celsius. If you make green tea with freshly boiled water, it will taste bitter (I hate it when they do this in cafes!). So remember to let the boiled water cool down in your mug for a few minutes – and only then add the tea leaves. Or, if you feel like having some fun, boil the water and pour it into one mug, then over to another mug, and then over to a third mug. Pouring boiling water from mug to mug is the traditional Japanese way of cooling down boiled water to the right temperature (around 60 degrees Celsius) for green tea. Soak the tea in water for 5 minutes before drinking it.

For green ice tea, make about 1L of green tea in advance, let it cool down and refrigerate. Drink cold as green icea tea at any moment of the day! If you want to sweeten it, you can use (organic) honey.

relaxing teaYou can do the same with real chamomille tea (just boiled water is good), rooibos tea (caffeine free, just boiled water is neccessary), as well as lavander tea (boiling water is good).