Fresh lemonade

Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice in water, hot or cold, has many benefits for your body. Use it as a step on the way to a super healthy body and glowing skin!

1. Water. A lot of people forget to stay hydrated. If you eat a lot of watery foods, such as fruits and vegetables, you do not need to drink 2 liters of water per day. However, most people do not get sufficient water from their fruit and vegetable intake. Any soda’s are NOT the same as keeping hydrating, since the sugar you ingest when you drink soda actually makes your body NEED more water to compensate. So, a fresh lemonade is a great way to keep hydrated (and a well hydrated body = a happy body & happy kidneys!).

2. Fresh lemon juice. Full of vitamin C, one half squeezed lemon contains 30% of your daily need. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means that we need to supply our body with enough of it every day, because any excess leaves the body through urine daily.

3. Spoon of honey. I’ll dedicate another article to benefits of honey, but let’s say for the moment that you can definitely rely on a spoon honey to make this drink sweeter, and even healthier! Do choose organic honey that has been made by bees from real flowers (this should be specified on the pack, or you can buy from a local bee keeper to be sure).

4. Hot or cold.  You can also mix fresh lemon juice with hot water, and drink it when it is cooled down enough to drink (the warmer, the better). It’s best to have a cup of this ‘hot lemonade’ first thing in the morning. It cleanses your palate (tongue) as well as intestines. Wait 20 minutes before eating to give it time to work its magic .

P.s. this drink might not be unpleasant for people suffering from acid reflux. People with sensitive teeth might consider drinking it through a straw to protect teeth enamel from lemon’s acidity.