What to add to your morning cereal?

Good morning! Is it time for some delicious cereals?! Do you want them to be sweet, healthy and crunchy?! Here’s a list of awesome power foods you can add without much hassle. They will make your cereals (MUCH) healthier! Enjoy just one of the following ingredients, or combine several for a super power food breakfast. Carpe diem, man!

The well-known anti-oxidant rich power-up start to your day, nice with cereals in yoghurt or with oatmeal
*Dried goji berries or dried cranberries
Get them good quality so that they are not too loaded with sugar and to enjoy their anti-oxidant properties to the max! These sweet, super healthy and tasty dried berries go well with any cereal (although I personally find dried goji berries better with milk, not yoghurt, cereals)
*Fresh figs
Especially if you like your cereals with yoghurt, this will be a yummie addition. Fresh figs are very healthy. They are one of the best sources of fibre, low in calories and contribute to heart health (*but watch out, they are also an aphrodisiac ;))
One of the best sources of B vitamins, and a good crunchy addition to all cereals. Exciting combo with figs!
A food for those who want to live long and prosper, and great source of Omega-3! Mnjam mnjam!
*Chia seed or flax seed
Filled with minerals and a great source of fiber (soak a spoonfull of chia seeds in 3 spoonfulls of water for 10 minutes before eating it, it’s pretty cool and gooey!)
*(Organic) Honey
A natural anti-biotic, as well as a delicious natural sweetener for the days when you want something sweet
Sooooo tasty and so good! Especially if you feel like you cannot give up the super sugar loaded cereals, you could try always adding some Sri Lanka cinnamon to possibly counteract the effects of the high sugar level.

Flax seed and chia seed are relatively pricey but you will see they will last your for a very long time, so it pays off in the end. Store flax seeds in a dark and cool place. Chia seeds are less likely to go rancid but I do store them in a kitchen cabinet just in case.

Only use almonds and walnuts bought at a nut-specialist store, nothing from supermarkets or health-food stores that is prepackaged! This is because nuts have to be stored in a very specific way in order not to become rancid (and rancid nuts contain a carcinogen called aflatoxin). Store almond in a sealed container in a dark cool place, they can last there for up to two months ( so don’t buy too many at once – 100 grams will do just fine for starters).

morning cerealI love my morning cereal with almond milk, some times sweetened, sometimes not, but always with some addition to make it super healthy!