• Which healthy supermarket products contain sugar?

    IT’S TOUGH TO BE ME. I’m stuck in supermarket isles for hours just reading all the product labels. But, just because I am always holding up the traffic, doesn’t mean you have to! Read on for label information on sugar content in random products. First, Some Science! LET’S SAY YOU MAKE ALL THE ‘HEALTHIER’ CHOICES IN A SUPERMARKET, how much sugar are you still taking in? Probably more than you were hoping for. ON THE PACKAGING, IT OFTEN SAYS something like: “4 grams of sugar (5% of Recommended Daily Allowance)”. I’ve got no idea where this information is coming from, because as far as science (that I know of) is…

  • Supercharge Me! Raw Food Documentary

    Just watched another interesting, quite inspiring (and quite 90s) documentary about one woman’s transition to eating raw. Wonderful and educational to watch! Edit: the YouTube link does not seem to be working properly, please search for Supercharge me! documentary in YouTube itself.