• Healthy Groceries List (Free Printable)

    Hello world! IT’S JULY, SUMMER TIME, AND I DEFINITELY DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING A LOT OF COOKING. Especially on days it’s really hot, I hardly even feel like going out of the house, again, into the heat of the streets just to get to a crowded supermarket and get all sweaty, again. But, I found it helps me to have a few delightful healthy summer recipes at hand. Something that is easy to make, super-low-effort, I-could-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed kind of thing, but full of flavor of course. It’s also not bad to, when I have a plan of summer meals, also get all those groceries in the same run. The the rest…

  • Crustless quiche with zucchini and mushrooms recipe Ana's Bananas Blog

    Herby Crustless Quiche with Feta & Zucchini

    Whenever you think that you have so many left over veggies in the fridge that you’ll have to throw away something, don’t do it – and make this quiche instead! This crustless quiche is awesome, healthy, tasty – and gluten, dairy, and guilt free! No matter which veggies you add, the key is to use good organic goat or sheep cheese to let it all come together nicely. Mushrooms help with getting that soft smooth texture. The herbs you choose determine the feeling the quiche will give to those indulging in it: basil and oregano are zesty and refreshing, thyme and sage give a summery Tuscan feeling,  paprika and turmeric give the…

  • Feeling stressed? Eat this!

    “A nutrient-dense diet may help amp down stress” – writes a blogger at National Public Radio today, in collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health, and I am loving what I am reading. Feeling stressed and need to eat to feel better? No problem! Just, instead turning to unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, turn to these amazing foods to help ease your stress: 1. Eggs 2. Dark, leafy greens 3. Pumpkin seeds 4. Fish rich in omega-3 5. Flax seeds 6. Dark chocolate The article is called Food-Mood Connection: how you can amp up or tamp down stress, you can find it on the NPR website.