• Supercharge Me! Raw Food Documentary

    Just watched another interesting, quite inspiring (and quite 90s) documentary about one woman’s transition to eating raw. Wonderful and educational to watch! Edit: the YouTube link does not seem to be working properly, please search for Supercharge me! documentary in YouTube itself.

  • 4 Excellent Talks and Films about Nutrition You Should Watch

    LOVE WATCHING VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES ABOUT FOOD & NUTRITION? Me too! HERE ARE FOUR VIDEOS (3 short and 1 long) I would like to share with you, for a rainy day or simply a break from your work, to enjoy and think back to how great it is to learn about healthy food. 1. Jaime Oliver’s Ted Talk on School Canteens NOT THAT I’M A RELIGIOUS FAN of Jamie Oliver in general, but that man has put quite some effort into raising awareness about food, not only in the general public through his TV shows, but also in schools by infiltrating the schools’ kitchen system and improving the nutrition of…