• Jaime Oliver 45 second ice cream healthy recipe with yoghurt, strawberry and mint Ana's Bananas Blog

    Jaime Oliver´s 45-second Ice Cream

    A QUICK POST ON A WARM SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Craving ice cream? Me too. Here’s a healthy version, and easy too. Jaime Oliver’s 45-second ice cream with yogurt and fruits. This is ice cream made healthy. Low in sugar, high in fiber and (feel free to use delicious full fat yoghurt, it’s good for you) rich in healthy fats.

  • herbs and spices kitchen organisation DIY

    Herbs & Spices Storage DIY

    Our kitchen drawers have been suffering from my increased interest in flavors, gluhwein, herbs and spices. They have been getting more and more (over) stuffed with various glass containers, metal cans and plastic bags of packaged seeds and aromatic spices, and of course: all the powdery, sticky mess that comes with it. Fortunately, I came across a Belgian blog with an excellent DIY tip for organising spices – and immediately applied it myself. If you want to organise your herbs and spices you can do the same! You will need: washi tape pen or marker glass jam or spice containers: sealable (choose size, amount and form that will fit nicely…

  • 13 Effective Ideas for Happy Dieting

    DURING ONE OF MY EVENING SHIFTS AT THE HOSPITAL, we were all craving a snack. You know that feeling – it’s 11 pm, you’re awake, you’re hungry. All the healthy snacks were already gone when, to everyone’s delight, one of the nurses pulled out a bag of M&Ms. Another one asked me: “Shouldn’t you be avoiding E-numbers?”, to which I greedily grabbed a handful, stuffed my mouth and victoriously proclaimed: “Too late!” There was only one nurse who managed to resist the temptation – she was on a diet and wasn’t going to ruin it! She told me how she has been trying to lose weight for a while now,…

  • Healthy Ice Cream Sundae// Tasty DIY

    THE OTHER DAY, friends of mine organised a great Thanksgiving/Hannukah dinner. For dessert, they made ice cream sundaes by combining vanilla ice cream with home made cookie crumble, molten after eight chocolate sauce, raspberries in sugar sauce and coffee flavored chocolate sprinkles on top. IT WAS DELICIOUS, BUT I HAVE NOT HAD THAT MUCH SUGAR in one go in weeks! Obviously, I immediately sneakily helped myself to three servings (because let’s face the uncomfortable truth – sugar is delicious :'( ). But then later, I got to thinking. Since this ice cream sundae tasted so good – would it be possible to make a healthy version of it (and still…