Powerful breakfast for demanding days!

Ready in a flash! A breakfast like this is comforting, satisfying and refreshing. It contains way less sugar than any commercial cereal, much less fat than anything meaty, way less cholesterol than something with egg and all the benefits of banana, yoghurt and honey. Things you will need:

1 banana
100g organic whole fat (or skim if you prefer) yogurt, from grass-fed goat (or cow)
1 spoon of local honey, organic, best from a local bee keeper or farmers market

Chop the banana into small pieces in a bowl (I just do this by hand). Add the honey and then the yoghurt (more or less of it according to your liking). Sprinkle with a spoonful of crushed line seed if you like!

Bananas are rich in potassium and fibre. They are famous for giving a feeling of satiety and being a great energiser. Both banana yoghurt honey breakfast (2)fiber from the banana and friendly bacteria from the yoghurt can prevent blood sugar spikes. Yoghurt is better than milk for the body since it is less acidic. It is also richer in benefitial nutrients when it is whole fat, and has been shown to be implicated in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer (by 13%) and contributing to a healthy immune system, at least in young women. But remember, the key with dairy is: consume it in moderation (Harvard researchers suggest no more than one glass of dairy per day) and always make sure you are buying dairy products from a grass-fed animal.

P.s. Honey is a great sugar-replacement and will help your immune system but still, don’t eat more than a spoonful of it per day if you are watching your weight since it is quite caloric of course.

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