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Homemade Herbal Tea

A warm cup of tea can help you recover from a rough day, relax on the couch or even power up and keep writing that long paper/thesis/blog post that you just wanna finish real bad.


Buying fresh thyme at your local farmers market costs next to nothing, but you can also grow your own indoors or on your (small) garden. Using a stalk of fresh thyme and a cup of boiling water results in aromatic tea that is healing for the throat. If you’ve got a cold, try thyme tea with a spoonful of honey, and see the wonderful results.


If you enjoy a slightly spicy punch, try fresh ginger tea. Unfortunately, it looks a bit like dirty water at first, so let’s say that presentation is not its main quality. But if you forgive its looks, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the rest!

Take half-a-centimeter slice of ginger root, peel it and cut into slices. Pop into a cup and pour over with boiling water. Refill until flavor becomes too mild.


Golden oldie. Use only 2-3 stalks of fresh mint, otherwise the tea might become bitter. Good combo with a spoonful of honey.


Metabolism-boosting potion to keep warm in the winter. Juice half a lemon (organic), pour into a cup and add boiled water that has cooled down to the point of being drinkable (this way the vitamin C from the lemon is also preserved).


Super cheap, aromatic, calming. Use a tea egg filled with dried chamomile, infuse in boiling water and enjoy.