My inspiration

An evergrowing list of influencers and inspiration on health and food.

Natasha St. Michel from
She posts many videos on You Tube under the name RawRadiantHealth. She used to be a vegan (which I am not) but makes good use of superfoods (such as cocoa, stevia, coconut oil, chia seeds) in her delicious recipes. Check her out sometime if you are looking for a life change!

Peter Attia, M.D.
A former surgeon turned critic of modern medicine. In his medical TED talk (which every medical professional or medical student should watch) he reflects on the way doctors look at patients with diabetes. He also has a blog: . You have to love some science to like this blog, but no worries, I’ll have you updated on the most important things here :).

Clear Skin Forever
blog written by Devin Mooers. He battled his own skin problems and now provides free advice as well as an e-book. Effective in providing tips for clearing up your skin through diet. I like that this guy did his research, that he is not sponsored and that he does not push for prescription drugs or any other cosmetic products. My only remark is that he recommends some supplements which I think would be better to try to get from diet.

Simple Skincare Science
Speaking of skin problems and wanting to solve them effectively, here’s a real man who fixed his own acne by researching the science behind skincare! The references are very legit and I love his no-nonsense, funny and clear posts. Right on, brother!

Nigella Lawson
Admittedly, her desserts are really too much. But, many meals she makes are actually pretty healthy! In her videos (many of which you can find on youtube if you don’t want to buy them on DVD), she makes dishes that combine fresh, healthy ingredients. She uses a lot of vegetables in amazing ways – and uses them raw or just shortly cooked. She knows how to cook foods so that they do not lose their flavour and vitamins. I would say Nigella Lawson is a cook of very varied meals, and that’s what I love about her – if we forget about her butter and chocolate addiction (but even when she eats chocolate, you will notice it is always high-quality pure chocolate (and hence less sugar)). I also absolutely love her fighter spirit (did you read up on her background yet?), her love of good food and her tips on making preparation of holiday dinners stress-free (stress being a big influence on your health, as well).

Julia Ross
The author of book and website, The Diet Cure. What if you are craving a lot of chocolate because your body does not have enough serotonin (the happy molecule)? Eating which amino acids could give you the same effect in your brain – making your chocolate cravings completely disappear? Still looking more into her book and tips, but they were recommended to me by someone who is very succesful in the field of preventive medicine! I will get back to you with more details.

Dan Barber
Held a TED Talk explaining how sustainable fish is actually fed chicken (since chicken is an abundant protein in the world) and how that is completely un-natural. He explains how a fish´s ecosystem should look like an how a fish farming business in the south of Spain applies this natural method to farm the perfect fish.

This funny guy
Who makes a tasty healthy banana ice cream to resist his sweets cravings, and makes it into a Youtube video.

My friends: Laura for sharing her recipe for sugar-free delicious dark chocolate with goji berries; Lena, for educating me about a gluten-free diet as well as introducing me to the awesomeness that is edamame; Daphne for teaching me the recipe for puff pastry cinnamon sticks; my Heidelberg housemate Naomi who introduced me to Japanese cuisine, Sofia for making buttered carrots and sharing information about how what we eat can influence our energy falls; a new blogger herself, Femke, for sharing her super fresh banana ice-cream recipe (recipe coming soon!) and introducing me to stuffing all sorts of delicious fresh herbs into my couscous!; Jiska and Lennard, for being colleagues so supportive of my blog and healthy lifestyle!; fellow medical students for supporting me in my vision; Annelot for making amazing gluten-free and dairy-free cookies, Suzi for teaching me drunk peaches :), Sus for being an epic foodie who keeps showing me amazing recipes,
to be continued …


Named here because I think it’s awesome to support others in their good cause!

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