Update on new site + new direction for Ana’s Bananas

The times they are a changin’. You might have noticed some changes on the site already. A while ago I announced that the site is under construction, possibly leading to some broken links (oops – if any content you are looking for is suddenly hard to find, send me a message and I will get it to you personally!). Here’s an update of what’s been happening behind the scenes at Ana’s Bananas.


Ana’s Bananas is changing

Ana’s Bananas will become much more of a personal blog, with my personal opinions, experiences and aspirations related to healthy living. As the personal nature of the blog evolves, expect an occassional rant here and there, some funny stories from med school and my insider’s tips and tricks on staying healthy. The good recipes are here to stay, cuz everyone’s gotta eat.


New site!!

On the other hand, I’ll be starting a new site (link coming soon!) with scientific information on healthy living. This site will have a purely medical & evidence-based perspective. The articles will be on topics ranging from staying healthy, to improving certain health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. As opposed to Ana’s Bananas, this new site will be science only. Also, there won’t be recipes there (but there will be scientific information on best ways to eat healthy).


Which one’s for you?

Stay connected to Ana’s Bananas as you are now, and/or start following the new site – I will announce the url here soon, and post it all over the Facebook page!


Your personal flow chart:

More into a personal blog written by an MD? Awesome, stay put and join the ride!
More into scientific content about healthy living? Keep an eye out for the url of the new site, coming soon!

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