Counseling is possible for individuals, families and teams – in Dutch or English, depending on your preference.

The location can be at your home or organisation, or at my location in the centre of Leiden.

We always start with a free intake.

Contact me to get started.

COUNSELING 1: individuals/families/teams
Living a healthy life

What does it mean to live a healthy life? Is it what you eat, how you move or how long you sleep? Are there supplements you can take or should stop taking, in order to be healthy? Is what you are currently doing helping you live a healthy life? Is there something you could be doing better or should stop doing at all?

In three sessions, we go through what it means to live a healthy life. We’ll identify areas in your life that could benefit from improvement, but I’ll also discuss areas in which you are already doing great (to strenghten those for the future)!

COUNSELING 2: individuals/families/teams
90 days without added sugars

Do you want to try a really cool and insightful challenge? Are you excited to try going 90 days without added sugars? Which foods are okay to eat and which ones do you need to avoid? How can you follow-up on your progress? What can you expect and how to turn it into a lasting change?

I can help you out! All of these are questions I have had to answer for myself when I did the challenge. In three counseling sessions, we discuss the things you can expect and need to prepare for a 90 day no added sugars challenge.


Like what you see but need something slightly different? Contact me to discuss the possibilities.