What’s in my kitchen cabinet?

There are a few things you will need within your kitchen for healthy living. They are as simply obtainable as other groceries, but will stop you from making the wrong choices when you are in a rush or cannot be bothered with the hassle of preparing food. What helps to keep a healthy lifestyle even when I am busy is having:
– 5 grains mix bought at local health food store (ready to be cooked anytime)
– real honey (instead of sugar)
– healthy tea, such as rosehip, chamomille, or ginger tea (at reach any time you need a moment of relaxation, can be mixed up with honey for sweet flavour)
– wholegrain pasta (ready to be prepared anytime, especially if I want a meal within 10 minutes)
– simple juice squeezer: for orange juice or lemon juice (1/10 fresh lemon juice 9/10 water, honey to taste) when I’m in the mood for some quick boost of vitamin C
– onions and garlic: always good with any cooking, can be added to a savoury meal, waiting for me to use them for their great health properties
– oatmeal (even if you have no milk, oatmeal can be boiled with water and will result in a delicous breakfast)
– cinnamon powder (as an addition to my morning oatmeal, other cereals or into my desserts to make the sugar high less impactfull)
– turmeric powder (I toss it into most of my savoury dishes because of its amazing health properties)
– almonds (bought at specialist nuts store, these are a great snack loaded with vitamine B!)
– chia seeds (benefitial super food powerhouse loaded with nutrients and vitamines, can be tossed into veggie salad, morning cereal or desserts)
– raisins (add a great component to my morning oatmeal or lunch couscous)
– sea salt & pepper (adds great flavour to any dish, but be careful of too much salt!)

Another thing you’ll need at hand is a good cutting board and a handy knife. You don’t want the lack of proximity of these utilities to result in you not preparing something healthy. If a cutting board and a knife are always at hand in your kitchen, you’ll be more likely to chop up some veggies or fruits often and toss them in a dish or make a salad. Enjoy!