The real ‘tree’ of life

Cheap, available, irreplacable, broccoli. Did you know that only 1/2 cup of broccoli each day is enough to seriously protect you from not only breast cancer, not only lung cancer, not only colon cancer but even several types of other cancers that are frequntly devastating the medical world?! Cancer is difficult to treat. What if it can be more easily prevented? It is the sulfur compounds in broccoli, as well as the phytochemical antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin (and vitamin C), that have chemoprotective properties and lead to a significant decrease in the risk of developing cancers. Get the organic kind whenever you can!

Broccoli against breast cancer
Some (yet unpublished) studies show that enzymes in broccoli can prevent the development of breast cancer because they change the types of oestrogen produced by the female body. I would personally advise all females to consume a few broccoli florets each day (or a big portion of broccoli florets every other day).

Broccoli against colon cancer
Each day, most people do not consume enough fiber and do consume many cancer causing foods (refined grains, sweets, chips and various artificial sauces). This makes for a constant attack on the small and large intestine. All those food factors attack the cells, and influence whether the cells will remain healthy, or go carcinogenic under the influence of the carcinogenic compounds from food. Perhaps it is awkward to think about it, but everything you put in your mouth will have to pass through your intestines. So, everything you eat, directly influences the well being of your intestines. Broccoli will help salvage intestinal cell wellbeing even under the attack of carcinogenic compounds.

Broccoli against cardiovascular disease
Homocysteine is a molecule that is associated with high levels of cardiovascular disease. Broccoli contains high amounts of folic acid (or vitamin B9), which helps neutralise the high levels of homocysteine.

Broccoli against cataracts
It scares me that most of us are destined to develop cataracts in our eyes by the time we should be spending time joyously jumping around with our granchildren! Eating broccoli twice per week leads to a 23% decrease in risk of developing cataract compared to eating broccoli less than once a month!


It is natural that we cannot change our eating patterns in a day – but it is not unwise or difficult to introduce broccoli into your current eating habits twice a week. I would advise it to all females, all smokers, all overweight men and all students. You can try broccoli in soups (in its own or with other vegetables), as a side dish (steamed), in main courses (like oven gratins) or as lunchtime snack (raw or steamed). Bon Appetit!