Almonds in Mallorca // Travel Report

Want to make your own almond milk? Awesome – Click here!

Read on for more information on almond milk, and a Youtube tutorial on making it!

Almonds are nutrient-dense nuts that have many spectacular scientifically-proven health benefits! You might be surprised to learn that almonds are even good for those who are trying to keep at a steady weight. If you are trying to lose weight, adding almonds to your diet can help you get there quicker by keeping you feeling satiated for longer. Almonds also help lower high cholesterol (wauw!) and regular consumption is associated with a lower risk of chronic heart disease. Moreover, they keep blood sugar levels steady even when taken with foods that usually increase blood sugar levels. Nuts, including almonds, have also been shown to protect women against the formation of gallstones if consumed frequently (150g nuts/week).

Almonds are a regional specialty in Mallorca. Valdemossa is a picturesque town in the middle of the island, where many almond farmers thrive and make sweet as well as savoury dishes with almonds.

In Valdemossa, there’s almond milk everywhere in cafes. This was all to my great delight, since I love almonds for being such a great health-food for almost everything, including the well being of skin and the nervous system due to their spectrum of vitamins B and vitamin E!

Mallorcan almond milk and Mallorcan almond cake!
Mallorcan almond milk and Mallorcan almond cake!

However, I found the local almond milk a tad bit too artificially sweetened, which was a shame. I consider it better to sweeten almond milk  with strawberries, bananas or dates, instead of by adding refined sugar. That got me thinking about how it can also be difficult to find unsweetened almond milk in the supermarkets and how it probably seems way too overwhelming to make almond milk yourself. But how can you then still get all those amazing benefits of almonds? Well, luckily, making almonds milk is way easier than it sounds!

I wanted to show you an instruction video on how to make an almond milk(shake) (the video is 8 minutes long and has some raw food propaganda, but the almond milkshake instructions are totally legit).

You will need water, almonds (soaked in water for 12-24 hours beforehand), a blender and a fine fabric sieve (like a cheese cloth/nut milk bag) – and before you know it you’ll be taking in all those amazing nutrients found in almonds.

A side note: I understand that almonds are quite expensive. What helps is to buy them a nut specialist store because they will be much cheaper than in the supermarket (while also being of a much better quality). So, if you find them for a good deal, have a friend almond farmer, or would do anything to drink milkshakes although you are avoiding dairy, I hope making almond milk will become your new and delightful culinary hobby.

Lovely Valdemossa
The hometown of Spanish almonds is the lovely Valdemossa, on the island of Mallorca in Spain.