Foods to eat against Gastric Cancer // PREVENTION

Gastric is just a fancy word for stomach. This is a post with foods to eat and not to eat in order to protect your lovely belly. Recipe included at the end! A study carried out in Spain and another study in France showed a relationship between diet and risk of gastric (stomach) cancer.

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– potentially protective

FRESH FRUITS. Eating fresh fruits between meals helps decrease the risk of gastric cancer. Eat an orange or an apple between meals in general to further help your stomach on the healthy path. This is of course only one of the reasons why eating fruit is good for you!

FRESH VEGETABLES. Preparing uncooked vegetables can help keep your stomach healthy! This is of course only one of the reasons why eating fresh vegetables is good for you!

– potentially increasing your risk

PASTRIES, SUGAR AND CAKES. Cut down on these indulgences, avoid daily visits to banket bakeries! Replace white bread with wholegrain bread (it’s as simple as selecting the loaf with the wholegrain label in the supermarket and bringing it home).

ALCOHOL AND FATTY FOODS might taste great, but they are a huge risk factor for gastric cancer, as told to us during one of the medical lectures by a gastric surgeon.

PROCESSED MEATS such as sausages are a no-no. Limit the consumption of these to special occassions, buy organic meat whenever possible and opt for less processed meats over processed ones (for example, choose chicken or turkey filet instead of salami). Your stomach will thank you for it.

Here is a recipe for a great replacement of your typical sweet dessert, with a good portion of fruits instead.

P.s. Men are under a higher risk of stomach cancer, so make sure to prepare this fruit salad for your boyfriend/husband/father/brother/best friend aside from having some yourself.


Serves 2. Prep time 5 minutes.

Apples, 2, Elstar organic
Bananas, 2 pieces
Cherries or other berries, 100g fresh or defrosted if only available frozen (but not any fruits from a can or jar!!!)
Kiwi, 2 pieces
Honey and a bit of fresh lemon juice

1. CUT THE FRUITS into bits and pieces. Squares, circles, stars, or slices will do!

2. MIX ALL FRUITS TOGETHER. The fruits will let juice out, which will serve as great dressing.

3. FOR EXTRA DRESSING, ADD a small spoonfull of honey. For some zest (and extra vitamin C!), sprinkle a couple drops of fresh lemon juice over the salad.

PS. Did you know eating an apple is like brushing your teeth the natural way? It will kill 90% of the bad bacteria living in your mouth.


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      Dear Felix, thanks for dropping by the blog, and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It’s a very important subject. The information here is still up to date, if you want more information you could contact your own medical doctor to talk about this. Sticking to a diet based on fruits and vegetables, and avoiding excess alcohol and fatty fried foods, seems like it could be important in prevention of gastric cancer. Let me know if you have any more questions! Greetings, Ana