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What’s new on the blog? Mediterranean, Japanese, Blue Zones & Diabetes Recipes

Ana’s Bananas 2.0, the new website, the new energy, the clearer focus – it’s all coming to enrich your life with healthier eating and better living. Let’s start right now!


What’s new on Ana’s Bananas?

As a medical doctor (About me), I focus on truly healthy eating and living. By reading the blog, you will learn to critically look at nutritional information, distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods, and make your own healthy choices. In turn, this will make you eat better, possibly live better and definitely feel better.

This is my aim and it’s where this blog is going. Join for the ride!

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Centerians & Healthy People Everywhere

Healthy diets foods of centerians

Several ‘ways of eating’ are related to longevity and well being.

Epidemological studies (studies carried out within a large population for a long period of time) have identified, time and time again, the Mediterranean diet, the Okinawan diet and the way of eating we see in the ‘Blue Zones’ as the healthy way to eat, and one that will add years of health to your life. These three recipe categories are new on the blog, you will be seeing much more of them in the near future. Scroll below for more on these diets.

What are Blue Zones? They are National Geographic, Dan Buettner identified 5 areas of the world with the highest proportion of centerians (people living to reach the age of 100).

Importantly, there is an another addition to the recipe categories, and that is diabetes-friendly recipes (for example, the Minestrone Soup with Pumpkin, Green Peas & Thyme). Scroll down  for more on this section.

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How can you eat healthy?

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” in which Francesca, the divorcee protagonist, is invited for dinner by her Italian neighbor and his family, because as he says “It is un-ealthy to eat alone!” (pronounce it with an Italian accent). I think this echoes a beautiful sentiment. Eating is more than a practicality to keep your hunger down and your calories up.

Every single time you want to eat healthier and live healthier, you can turn to a recipe on Ana’s Bananas, and know you are making a choice that is good for how you eat, how you live and how you feel.

We’ll immerse ourselves into different cultures and various styles of cooking that are all related to enjoying cooking, enjoying eating with friends and family but, also getting your needed nutritious dinners even when you will be eating them alone on the couch.

With Ana’s Bananas, you are always in good company.


Mediterranean Food

Click here for Mediterranean recipes already available (such as the Tuscan Bean & Tuna Salad), to cook for one or for big company, next to a glass of red wine or with a bottle of sparkling lemon & mint water, plant-based, vegetable rich, culturally laden. More recipes coming soon.


Japanese Experiment

Coming soon. Excited to try Okinawan and other Japanese recipes? Yep, you’ve come to the right place. Take a walk with me as I test authentic Japanese recipes and make them into something we can all make at home.

You’ll find Japanese recipes rarely found online, descriptions of where to buy the ingredients and explanations of what makes this nation’s food so healthy.


Saintly Sweets

Healthy sweets and desserts right here on the blog. You’ll never have to celebrate another birthday / anniversary / promotion with the same sugar & whipped cream loaded cake again.

There are trillions of beautiful and most of all – nutritious – cakes and desserts out there! You can count on me to provide you with only the very most exciting and the very most best of them. Yes, I wrote that in incorrect English. These healthy desserts are just that good.


Diabetes Heroes

Diabetes-friendly recipes that actually taste finger-licking good, and aren’t a constant reminder of the ‘diet’ you should be eating. We are going to make diabetes-friendly cooking absolutely delicious.

Expect way more love and creativity for recipes (appropriately dubbed Diabetes Heroes recipes) than wholegrain pasta (ugh, cardboard?) with low fat yogurt (which is not healthy for you anyway). Diabetes-friendly recipes should be real food full of flavors, not a lame copy of what you used to eat.

Diabetes-friendly recipes should be real food full of flavors, not a lame copy of what you used to eat. Click to Tweet

When suffering from diabetes, it is especially important to eat diabetes-friendly foods, because blood sugar fluctuations happen to you more easily and you become prone to blood sugar variations to foods which your body used to be able to handle (such as supermarket sweets).

Stable blood sugar is important for a healthier life for anyone, but especially for diabetes patients. Having stable blood sugars will bring you better outcomes of diabetes and also better outcomes of its complications. It’s worth it to invest in a good, nutritious & healthy way of eating.

We’ll focus on plant-based (not necessarily vegetarian), flavor-laden recipes that are easy and fun to make, and easy to eat with company as well. As for sweets and desserts, you can turn to the Saintly Sweets recipes on this blog, where all recipes have a glycemic index much better than regular treats & sweets. Some recipes might work better for you than others.

Of note: always consult your physician if you are a diabetes patient changing your diet.


Submit your recipe?

Inspired? Do you have a good Mediterranean, Japanese, Blue Zones or diabetes-friendly recipe you’d like me to try? Amazing! Submit your healthy recipe here.

I’m excited that you’re here. It’s about your life, your food and your smile. Loving it that you came by and read this post. Stay tuned for the next post (new posts weekly).

Liking this Ana’s Bananas 2.0? Let me know in the comments below, I love to hear from readers.

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