THIS BLOG WAS STARTED IN 2013, when Ana established it next to doing clinical rotations during med school. She became fascinated by the role of nutrition in health (and disease). Naturally, she started spending her days at clinical rotations and her nights reading scientific literature and blogging. If she had night shifts, the schedule was shifted to the other way around.

DOES SHE COOK? Although her mother’s cooking skills, that are as close to perfection as anything will ever be, have caused a serious lack of reason for her to make anything herself (since it could never be as delicious as anything her mother has made), once she moved out of student housing and started having enough kitchen space to actually cook a meal other than pasta with sauce from a jar, she realised – she is her mother and cooking comes to her dearly.

HEALTHY RECIPES? Since cooking is not one of the skills taught in med school and a student does not gladly spend a monthly allowance on cook books, she raided the internet in search of truly healthy recipes. This parade lead to her trying some seriously disgusting recipes that are highly unlikely to ever have been prepared by the writers in case. Indeed, the recipes on this blog almost came to exist because she had no other choice but to put on an apron and create recipes herself. She is not a cook, just a mere doctor curious about true health.

FUTURE ASPIRATIONS? Helping people, companies and governments prevent and treat Western lifestyle diseases.

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